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  • Bouquet of tulips 50 pcs, mix

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  • Bouquet of tulips 50 pcs, mix

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  • Bouquet of tulips 25 pcs, mix

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  • Tulips – Mix (1 pc.)

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How many pleasant associations tulips evoke. Spring, March 8, warm, first colors, birds singing. Tulips are the openers of the flower season; they are the first to appear on the shelves of the city in early March. It is with them that men rush to their loved ones on International Women’s Day, for which tulips have deservedly become a symbol of spring and virgin beauty. Thanks to the simple structure of the bud, tulips are easy to care for, can be stored for a long time in cool rooms (up to 7 days) and have almost no smell.

One bad thing is that these are all seasonal bouquets; getting tulips in August is not an easy task. However, if you love them so much, you can buy tulips from us even out of season; availability must first be checked by phone. But we always have VIP bouquets in stock and you can buy 1001 roses in bulk at any time of the year.

In our catalog you can choose a bouquet of tulips or individually of different varieties and colors:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • purple;
  • mix.

Choose the tulips you like, the price will please you. In addition, we create seasonal and wedding bouquets to order.

We also accept corporate orders. Our florists create real works of art from flowers; we use only freshly cut flowers. Call, order!

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