Burgundy peony


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This is a seasonal composition! Please contact us to find out if it is available. Email: [email protected] or +372 55 50 17 50

Peonies are incredibly delicate and romantic flowers, they symbolize wealth and youth. Gardeners love peonies not for symbolism, but for lush green bushes and abundant flowers. When peonies are in bloom, there is a delicate scent within a radius of several meters, which is often found in expensive perfumes. Peonies take pride of place in the paintings of many artists, in the prints of famous brands of clothing and interior.

We also love peonies, you can buy them individually or in a bouquet in our store. They look great in a vase and are suitable for making wedding bouquets, flower compositions. Peonies look good with roses, alstroemeria and eustoma.

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