Stabilized roses -9 pieces (Blue)

Monthly payment from 4.86 / 12 months



Stabilized or “Sleeping” roses are natural flowers that have undergone industrial high-tech processing, as a result of which water and other liquids in the flower structure have been replaced by a special polymer composite with dye. A stabilized rose of premium quality is visually and tactilely no different from a freshly cut one, and for its production it is necessary to master not only special chemical technology, but also the best fresh roses of strictly defined varieties. As you know, true premium quality roses are grown in Ecuador, so only Ecuadorian stabilized roses meet the requirements of luxury consumer segments.
Stabilized flowers do not require special care. It is very important to remember that they should not be watered, irrigated or kept in rooms with high humidity. They should also not be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures.


• Of course, the main advantage of stabilized flowers is their lifespan, calculated in years!
• No need for constant care
• Easy to store and transport
• Environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials

A stabilized rose will be a memorable gift that will remain a long-lasting memory of warm feelings or an important event.

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