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Have you ever imagined how simple and fun it can be for many people to cook their favorite rum cake?
The recipe of our dough is very simple, but the formation of the cakes themselves can be more fun if they are made in the form of a mouse, a bear, a hedgehog, or other other animal or object. Unleash your imagination and enjoy a delicious dessert and an exciting cooking process.

Allergens: condensed milk, egg, wheat flour, butter, cocoa.

This is the perfect set for cooking together with the kids!

? The amount of the ready product – 4-6 servings (500 g)
⌛ Cooking time – 20-40 minutes

? Set includes: ready-made dough, glaze, sprinkles for decoration.

? In addition you will need: accessories for a water bath or microwave.

?‍? A short recipe: form cakes of the desired shape and size from ready-made dough, decorate with sprinkles from the set.
A detailed step by step recipe is included.

❄️ Shelf life in the fridge 7 days.

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