Dark chocolate cookies set


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We offer ready-made dough and decorations for making the perfect cookies for you or your children, in order to simplify the cooking process and make it enjoyable and fun. If you want to decorate cookies with glaze or add chocolate and nuts, you can easily do this, because we have prepared all the necessary ingredients specially for you in this wonderful box!

Allergens: butter, dark chocolate, wheat flour, egg.


The easiest recipe to cook.

? The amount of the ready product – 8 cookies about 10 cm in size
⌛ Preparation 10-15 minutes / baking 10-15 minutes

? Set includes: ready-made dough (400 g), glaze, sprinkles for decoration, baking paper.

? In addition you will need: microwave or water bath accessories, oven.

?‍? Short recipe: form cookies from ready-made dough, put on a baking sheet and put in the oven. After baking, decorate with sprinkles from the set.
A detailed step by step recipe is included.

❄️ Shelf life in the fridge 7 days.

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